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 [NEW] Predator Pain Keylogger 6.x.x (Updated)

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[NEW] Predator Pain Keylogger 6.x.x (Updated) Empty
PostSubject: [NEW] Predator Pain Keylogger 6.x.x (Updated)   [NEW] Predator Pain Keylogger 6.x.x (Updated) I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 16, 2011 1:02 pm

OK guys after taking a look through this section last night looking at all these failed loggers i started shaking my head. You have programmers who code a project then leave the newbies struggling trying to figure out how to use it. Errors here errors there then i had flashbacks of the days when i released Predator Pain 3.2 and you guys loved it worked great for most of you guys and girls but it had limited features Sad. Well yesterday i was in the Holiday mood and decided to take 2 hours to recode my first predator 4.0.0 version which was suppose to be private but then it had a bug and i got feed up and recoded the whole shit in codedom. Well i opened up this project last night and fixed that bug took out a few things and added things, then tested got a 100% working logger. This is the only time I'm going to say this i never packed a FREE LOGGER with so many features got it keep that in mind. I'm going to use spam Deal with it do not post on your forums or other forums WITHOUT my permission ask me first you will then use the links i provided. Do not sell this Product its free and it says free all over it.


[X}Encrypted Email Username and Password(RC4 Encryption)(*Keeps your hacking info Encrypted)

[X}Runs Hidden and undetected

[X}Mutex(Makes sure your server runs only once if slave double clicks)

[X}Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven(*UAC Bypass/ Working startup)

[X}Clean Keyboard Hooks(But not bettter than Private version but better than all free loggers around.)

[X}Interval Choosing(Choose when keylogs and screenshots come in)

[X}Test Email Sending

[X}Icon Changer (Working on All Operating Systems)

[X}File Pumper (Pump bytes into your server to increase the size, make server larger)

[X}Built In Binder(*Added Protection Stairs Encryption to binded file, doing this and online av sites cannot detected a binded file. so for example on NVT scanner it will always show up as nothing being binded if you decide to bind. This also makes your binded file Scantime FUD(always) but i did not add Runpe to this.)

[X}Some aspects of logger are Multi Threaded(For example the stealers are and Email sending so theres no lag, freeze ups nor delays)

[X}For Windows Vista and Windows Seven(*Added UAC Bypass to kill forever while server is running (disk cleaner, remote desktop, System restore, on screen keyboard, Command prompt.)

[X}Windows XP only(*Disable Taskmanager, Folderoption, Disable RegistryTools, Shutdown, CMD)

[X}Clear Steam Cache

[X}Block A Website

Stealers: Im such a nice guy

[X}Steal IP

[X}Steal Firefox

[X}Steal FileZilla

[X}Steal Clipboard Logger

[X}Steal Screenshot

[X}Steal No-IP DUC

[X}Steal IMVU

[X}Steal DyNDNS

[X}Steal Pidgin

[X}Steal FTPCommander

[X}Steal Paltalk

[X}Steal SmartFTP

[X}Steal CoreFTP

[X}Steal FlashFXP

[X}Steal Sys Info

[X}Steal CD


Enjoy afro afro
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[NEW] Predator Pain Keylogger 6.x.x (Updated)
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